Tik Tok meets Steamy Fanfic

Photo By Max Main @maxsartstuff

Gone are the days of risqué Wattpad stories now new form erotica enters new realms of Tik Tok, penetrating and destroying any social boundaries which once were, albeit precariously, intact on this platform.

On Tik Tok, anything goes and on September 6th one not so innocent Tik Tokker posted a Draco POV which would soar to ridiculous heights, and the platinum haired heartthrob would be inescapable on young girls “For you pages” everywhere. This in turn lead to a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the actor himself, Tom Felton (age 33), and on the 22nd September the new found sex icon made a confused but flattered response, sending Dracotokkers everywhere into serious meltdown and frenzied hysteria.

Now what could be so appealing about Mr Malfoy uttering the words “Potter”? This is something I too found myself questioning and to be honest it’s a phenomenon that can only really be explained through watching it and experiencing the butterflies for yourself.

This is the thing I personally love about Tik Tok, the ability to be creative.

Although somewhat alarming, one can’t help but admire the craft of teenage girls editing themselves onscreen with the bad boy and clipping his lines to make them sound oh so sexual and oh so irresistible…

A few lighting changes and carefully selecting the correct scene can completely alter the story line. Instead of Draco cockily winding up his nemesis potter, in a turn of events POV it seems Draco is cockily flirting with me, I dare say I even blushed behind screen.

But even more alluring is Willy Wonka Tik Tok.

With over 10 million likes the fake chiseled Wonka torso is seen to be gyrating and running his finger across his face to the lyrics “I see you winding and grinding, I know you see me looking at you, I want to love you”. If those lyrics aren't enough alone to send you weak at the knees, combining it with Wonka's seductive moves is sure to make you. In fact, this Tik Tok became so well known that whenever the song by Akon would be played on the radio fellow Tik Tokkers would report the flashbacks, the ptsd and the drool on their chin that would occur as they were transported back to this languid delight.

So the common theme here is that clearly there are some childhood guilty pleasures.

This leads me to question, who is next?

Who will be the next childhood actor turned provocateur?

Are we soon to see Daddy Pig hit our screens, snorting with his round belly? I did hear dad bods were the new craze.

Or perhaps Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town making our stomachs do cartwheels? Whatever is to be next, I will resist the craze as before for as long as possible and then helplessly contribute to the trend as my feed piles and fills up with video after video of the next new Casanova.

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